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Issues: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-46


Sketch Index Issues #31 – #40

Sketch Magazine #31
Feature Interview Billy Tan, Tom Bierbaum Getting Started, Mitch Byrd The Look of Things to Come, Bob Hickey Designing a Promotion Poster, Scott Story Why Cartoonists Enjoy Doing Webcomics, Johnny Lowe In the Beginning was the Word, David Rivera Adobe Photoshop: Blueline Tricks, Bob Almond Inkblots: Approaching a Page, Rafael Kayanan Sketch Cards: Using Color Markers in Middle Earth, Review Books, Tips, Etcetera…, Pro-Folio The Art of Jan Duursema
Sketch Magazine #32
Feature Interview Joseph Michael Linsner, Tom Bierbaum Saying It With Impact, Mitch Byrd A Real Beast, Gerry Alanguilan Writing and Drawing Elmer, Bob Almond Inkblots: A Look at Inking History, Rich Molinelli Sketch Cards: Drawing My Personal Sketch Cards from A-B, Mike Gagnon Where Good Artists Go Bad!, Pro-Folio The Art of Rafael Kayanan, Reviews Books, Tips, Etcetera…, Joe Quesada/ Jimmy Palmiotti The Steps: Painkiller Jane Cover, Scott Keating Step into the Light, Sketch Magazine Forum Art Contest Winning Art
Sketch Magazine #33
Feature Interview Mike Choi, Tom Bierbaum Teamwork, Gary Barker Art School-Not-So-Confidential, Sketch Magazine Forum Art Contest Winning Art, Rudy Garcia Carving a Legend: Sculpting Wolverine, Robert Wayne Hickey Review: Digital Art Tutorials , Jason Baroody Designing a Pin-Up: Ultimate Thor, Thaddeus Branco Respect: Publishing “Indy” Comics, Mike Gagnon Where Good Artists Go Bad!, Pt. 2, Pro-Folio The Art of Renae DeLiz, Bob Almond Inkblots: A Look at Inking History, Robert Wayne Hickey Review: Comic Book Creator
Sketch Magazine #34
Feature Interview Steve Rude, Tom Bierbaum The Multiple Personalities of a Successful Writer, Mitch Byrd Show Me Something, Tell Me Something, Sketch Magazine Forum Art Contest Winning Art, Gary Barker/ Bill Nichols Art School Collaboration: Designing the Character, Scott Story Promoting Your Webcomic, Jason Baroody/, Steve Willhite How to Make a Comic Book and Submit It to Publishers, Superman/Doomsday, Art Contest Winning Art, Bob Almond Inkblots: Inking Tips and Tricks, Reviews Books, Tools, Etcetera…
Sketch Magazine #35
Main interview: Tim Sale, Interview and tutorial: Mr. Blanky Cranky Bones-Barbara Kesel and Caleb Prochnow, Writing: How to Chase Your Dreams-Tom Bierbaum, Drawing: Inventing the Wheel-Mitch Byrd, Drawing: Illustration by Example: Batman-Neil Vokes, Inkblots: The Inkwell Awards-Bob Almond, Digital Publishing: WordPress-Robert W. Hickey, Drawing: Breakdowns of a Sketch Card-Uko Smith
Sketch Magazine #36
(mis-printed as #34), Main Interview: Tim Sale, Writing: Rookie Mistakes-Tom Bierbaum, Drawing: Man on a Mission-Mitch Byrd, Advice:Breaking into the Ranks-Roland Mann, Character Design: Classroom Collaboration-Gary Barker, Inkblots-Bob Almond, Digital Publishing: ComicPress-Robert W. Hickey , Coloring: Coloring in Photoshop-Anthony D. Lee
Sketch Magazine #37
Main Interview: Ryan Ottley, Writing: Speed Racer-Arie Kaplan, Writing: Thinking Visually-Tom Bierbaum, Drawing: The Crowd Roars-Mitch Byrd, Drawing: Drawing Green Lanterns-Joe Staton, How to Draw and Publish Religious Cartoons-Jessica Zimmer, Character Design/development: From the Beginning-Ron Fortier, Inkblots: The Inkwell Awards Results-Bob Almond, Drawing: How to Draw Cool Cars-George Trosley, Coloring: Coloring in Photoshop, pt. 2-Anthony D. Lee, Coloring: My Coloring Process-Rebecca Thompson
Sketch Magazine #38
Feature: Geoff Johns-Bill Love, Writing: Respect, Writing and Replies-Beau Smith, Writing: Selling It-Tom Bierbaum, Drawing: Drawing Out the Dialogue-Mitch Byrd, Webcomics: Drawing Cookie Bear-Stephanie O’Donnell, Comics in Education-Mike Maydak, Character Design/Development: Ron Fortier, Coloring: Ghost Zero: Mood with Markers!-Dave Flora, Coloring: Color Swatches-Scott Story
Sketch Magazine #39
Main Interview: Adam Hughes, Writing: Keeping Your Ego in Check-Tom Bierbaum, Drawing: Questions and Answers-Mitch Byrd, Writing: Writing Comics for Children-Sam Agro, Panels/Borders: Making Comics…Easy-Darren Mueller, Inkblots: Inking a Commission Piece-Bob Almond, Drawing: My Sketch Card Process-George Calloway, Drawing: Through the Artist Process-Nate Lovett
Sketch Magazine #40
Featuring David Petersen creator of Mouse Guard. David discusses Mouse Guards growth to being one of comics most popular creator owned series.
Sketch continues to satisfies with numerous “how-to” instructional from tried-and-true industry talent, and is packed with penciling, computer coloring, and marketing tips to help you become an artistic rising star. Great information, inspiration, and fun


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