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What is Comic Book Studio?

For creators that want to tell sequential stories and help each one via Articles, Blogs, Vlogs, Podcast and Videos from creators working in the comic book industry.


A few of the faces behind Comic Book Studio…

Robert W. Hickey
CEO of Blue Line Pro, Publisher of Afterburn Press and Sketch Magazine founder of SkyStorm Studio creator of STORMQUEST, BLOOD & ROSES, CLAY’S WAY, PARADOX WARS, CAMELOT FOREVER.

Bill Nichols
Editor In Chief Afterburn Press, Senior Editor Sketch Magazine, Writer Afterburn Press, Ringtail Cage, Inker IDW,  Afterburn Press, Caliber, Summer Havok, Knight Press, Sky Comics, Boneyard Press, Triumphant creator of Savage Family, Arteest and Sparta Bay Imprint.

Chris Dreier
Started his comic book career as an inker for Triumphant Comics and Now Comics on The New Adventures of Speed Racer. Over the past twenty years had him working with Antarctic Press, Chaos Comics, AC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Avatar Press, IDW, and SkyStorm Studio. Creator owned titles include Unit Primes,Unit Primes: SALVAGE, Danger Tours and his ongoing series Freaks & Gods. Currently a regular inker with Joe Books on their Disney Comics.